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If your house is dusty or you’re having allergy problems, AIR DUCT CLEANING could be beneficial to your indoor air quality!

The benefits you receive from using our Services is that we are fully insured. If you are not satisfied, YOU DO NOT PAY.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

City Wide Cleaning Service wants to help keep your dryer working Safely and Efficiently. Reduce the risk of fire, reduce drying time, save money on utility bills, and increase the life of your dryer. Up to 12 Feet $120

5 Important Reasons To Choose  City Wide Cleaning Services

  1. Reputation = Trust You Will Get What You Pay For
  2. Experience = Capability No “MESS” Up
  3. Education = Trained Better Results
  4. Systems = Organization Saves You Time
  5. Guarantee = Risk Reversal If you are not Satisfied You Do Not Pay For Our Service