Dust(less) Best Practices

Dust written on dusty table

Dirt and grime can be found in most places and are part of life. The goal most of us have is to keep all of it outside, where it belongs. But inside it comes, sometimes with a vengeance. In the air. On shoes. Tracked in by pets. But what about dust? Is it a simple type of soil that floats in the air, that you can see hanging in the sunlight coming in a window? That’s a common belief, yet you would be surprised at what composes dust in your home.

Dust can be pet dander, skin cells, dust mite excrement, flooring materials breaking down, and, of course, just regular fine soil that has made its way into your home. Much of this may be allergen triggers for those in your household, so keeping your home as dust-free as possible is important.

It’s a simple matter to clean a surface, but another one entirely to do it thoroughly and to remove dust from those hard-to-reach areas. Sometimes, our dusting efforts actually create more problems, as we might simply put the dust in the air or just move it around.

Here are a few best practices to consider. As you work, think of your own lungs and perhaps wear a mask appropriate for dusting. If you have allergies, this is very important.

Tip #1:

To keep dust in its place, start at the top of a room and work your way down. Top to bottom. If you don’t collect all the dust with the cleaning cloth you are using, it should fall down, and you can get it as you keep working.

Tip #2: 

It’s always best to use a moistened cloth rather than a dry cloth, if the surface can be cleaned with moisture. This way you easily collect the dust as you work. Turn the cloth over or rinse it out often. You want to remove dust, not redistribute it.

Tip #3: 

For hard-to-reach areas, many might just skip cleaning. Don’t do that. Think smart. You can use long-handled dusters that collect dust and don’t sweep it away. You can use flat-mop type dusters for the sides of appliances. Also, think about vacuums with attachments to suck up the dust under furniture or behind heavy items that can’t easily be moved.

Of course, the best option is to call your favorite cleaning company and let them handle the entire job, giving you time to do something you enjoy. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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